SoloWiz Secure Form

If you are here, you’ve received an email from me (Terri Z) that there is sensitive information I need to be able to work on your website.

Instead of sending that info to me via email, I’m supplying you with this secure form*. You can fill it out with confidence that it won’t fall into the wrong hands, as might happen with email or even text!

I suggest filling out this form from your laptop or desktop, rather than your phone or tablet.

Your Name:
Email Address:
Domain Name:

Before providing me with sensitive information, such as passwords, you must agree to hold SoloWiz harmless in case any of the information is compromised, despite my best efforts.
I Agree

Your data:

Please copy the data list from the email I sent you, and paste it in the box below. You can provide your information next to or below each question.

Please email me with any questions.

*Curious how this works? Once you send your info:

  • I get notified via email that it is waiting for me.
  • I download it from my secure database
  • I save your info in my private password app (I use LastPass).
  • I erase your info from my secure database.