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Peace of Mind Security Suite™

Keeping your WordPress Website Humming 24/7

When you leave your house, do you close the front door? Lock it? Maybe even set an alarm? (Or if you are me, have several scary-sounding dogs!)

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How about your website? Do you know how to make sure it is closed up securely, so no one can hack in, mess up your website or worse – inject malware?

Your business could come to a screeching halt if your website goes haywire.

Or, you could relax – whether you are at the pool or on a stage in front of a thousand people, pitching your latest product – knowing your website will always be working for you 24/7, safe and secure.

Keeping Your Website Secure

Strong Passwords

Make it hard for hackers to walk through the front door. Use a unique, not-easy-to-guess password for your WordPress site – one you don’t use ANYWHERE else. (LastPass can keep your passwords handy.)


Updated and secure

Close security vulnerabilities by updating WordPress, plugins and themes weekly. Then have good security monitoring that lets you know when someone is trying to break in.
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Regular Backups

No security is perfect – a backup will get you up and running in no time. Keep both a local backup (SiteGround offers 30 days of backups FREE) and an offsite backup somewhere you can get it quickly.

Peace of Mind Security Suite™ Includes:

Security Monitoring
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Continuous intrusion detection1
Weekly Updates
  • WordPress
  • Plugins
  • Themes
Weekly Backups
  • Local WordPress backups
  • Offsite whole account backup

As long as your Peace of Mind Security Suite™ is active, retainer hours (which normally expire after 90 days) will not expire!

Pricing (per WordPress site):

Peace Of Mind Security Suite™ ~ 12-months $300
one-time fee (see Note 2)
Waived for Angelique clients if purchased w/in 30 days after final site is delivered. Partially waived if purchased w/in 90 days.




Total (per website)

w/in 30 days

w/in 90 days




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Important notes:

  1. Security measures are never 100% bullet-proof. In the unlikely event your site is hacked and/or infected with malware, restoration of backups and/or site fixes may be required.

  2. Updating a WordPress website that has not been maintained regularly can result in unanticipated failures and require replacement of outdated plugins.

Costs for these items, due to the unknown complexity, are billed at my current hourly rate (or charged against package hours, if applicable). Where possible, an estimate will be provided. Hourly work commences only after client approval.

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