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Making Your WordPress Website Beautiful and Worry‑Free

You are a busy solo entrepreneur/small business owner – you barely have time for marketing! And your website, which you had re-designed just last year – fingers crossed it never gets hacked or infected with nasty malware. Speaking of your design – you (or your VA) can probably do the basics, but what happens when you want something that’s a little (or a lot) more complicated?

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about your website going down right before that big launch? And had a ready resource when you needed a WordPress expert?

My name is Terri Zwierzynski (but you can call me Terri Z!), and I’d love to ensure your website looks and functions exactly the way you want it to, whether you are on your computer or your phone! I can also manage the behind-the-scenes website-tech work.

I love doing all the stuff you hate to do wink.

And I’ll always treat your site
with as much care as I do my own.

Services Include:


WordPress Websites

Create new websites

Customize existing site or
free/purchased themes

Add pages, forms, menus

Adjust design for tablets/phones

Specialize in
Divi Theme Builder

Peace of Mind WordPress Site Security

Initial site/server security audit

Automatic updates

Daily offsite backups

Security monitoring

Learn more

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Technical Assistance

Fix broken websites

Move to a new host –
I recommend SiteGround
(affiliate link)

Move domains to new registrar

Create email accounts/
transfer emails

About Terri Z

I’ve been a solo entrepreneur, managing my own business website from top to bottom for over 15 years (you might remember me from I work almost exclusively with solo entrepreneur, micro-business, and personal websites.

An overview of my technical bona fides  below give you an overview of the depth of my experience, but in summary – if you need technical help with your website – customizing, fixing, keeping it working – you are in the right place. I have a network of people I trust and recommend for branding, artwork and design, copywriting, email marketing and more.

I launched my first website in 2003. Over the next 15 years (while that first website grew to over 7000 pages and posts!)

I taught myself HTML, CSS, and PHP – the foundations of WordPress. I learned how to use content management systems – including WordPress – from the ground up, starting with the database and  templates, leveraging themes and plugins, using media queries for responsive designs, getting into advanced filters, hooks and functions, and generally manipulating WordPress to make a web page look – and work – exactly the way I wanted it to. I specialize in the Divi theme but have also worked with Beaver Builder, Genesis, and the Responsive Theme (CyberChimps), .

If that is all Greek to you, that’s ok – it’s why you may need someone with my kind of skills 😉 If you are a fellow web designer or developer, it probably makes more sense.

I also learned (the hard way!) about keeping backups, how to recover from the “white screen of death”, keeping WordPress and plugins updated, and having security. All now part of my weekly routine for all of my clients.

With SoloWiz, I’m bringing all of my technical expertise to solo entrepreneurs who’d rather spend their time doing something – anything! – else. There’s only so much that the average, non-techie business owner can (or want to – or should!) do on their own with WordPress. There’s also so much that most don’t know about how to keep their website maintained and secure – until it’s too late. I love seeing solo entrepreneurs prosper, with their websites working for them 24/7. When you need help, I want to be the one there for you, and

I’ll always treat your site with as much care as I do my own.